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With Our Premier Online Personal Training, We give YOU access to Our Custom Fitness Tracking App where You'll see Your Personalized Exercise Program, tailored to Your goals, with instructional videos, places to log Your reps and weights, and even store your progress photos for later comparison. Nutritional Guidance to Flexible Dieting using Macros is also included to help you succeed. With Open Communication and Weekly Check-ins, we can help hold YOU accountable to your goals, all at an affordable rate!

Stephanie Rofkhar Bikini Winner

All the Benefits of Our Premier Online Training and More!
Customized, In-app Programs Tailored to YOUR Fhysique Goals, Macronutient Coaching integrated with the MyFitnessPal app by Under Armour, Open Communication and Accountability with Weekly Progress Check-ins PLUS scheduled one-on-time with Coach Austin Carter and Bikini Champion Lynsie Hice.
We're here to answer ALL of Your Competition Questions and Give You ALL the Show Day Tips You'll Need.


We can help you find your style and teach you industry tips and tricks to help you get noticed on stage! Presentation is EVERYTHING! No matter the federation, presentation plays  such an important role in the outcome of your score. You may have the absolute, hands-down, best fhysique out there but if you don't know how to show your best on stage, you will most likely be overlooked. With 3 Consecutive Overall NPC Bikini Champion Wins and several other shows under their belt, You could say Lynsie and Austin really know how to get noticed on stage and STAND OUT AMONGST THE COMPETITION! We know how hard You work on Your Fhysique. Don't let Posing be the one thing holding You back.

We offer 30-60 minute posing sessions, either online through a video call or in-person at one of our Arkansas locations.

We cover all aspects of posing for Women’s Bikini, Wellness, & Men’s Physique, making sure there are no surprises on your show day. We will be going over everything from stretching, how to practice posing, your walk, holding your poses, even how to stand and coming on and off the stage. A seasoned athlete starts posing long before show time. We do our very best to teach all of our competitors to come in looking like a seasoned Pro!

Group session rates are also available! Minimum of 3 individuals and a minimum of 60 minutes.

You can come to us or we can come to you! Contact us at (479)287-0684 or for more information.

Nutritional Guidance

With the My Fitness Pal app, we'll help you learn to understand and track macronutrients, choose foods that fit your macro goals and your schedule, and develop a healthier lifestyle.


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